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A blockchain-enabled, mobile-first engagement platform connecting brands and consumers

PhunToken (PHTK) is an innovative cryptocurrency brought to you by Phunware (NASDAQ: PHUN). Brands can now deploy a white-labeled loyalty and rewards ecosystem that leverages blockchain in order to engage with consumers and reward them for profitable behavior. Consumers are able to opt-in and engage with brands while maintaining full control over their digital identity.


What is it?
PhunToken is a utility token that is reimagining how brands engage with consumers in a blockchain-enabled, mobile-first world.

What can I do with it?
Profitable Behavior: Monetize your digital activity by engaging with brands.

Give me an example!
Earn PhunToken for completing a survey or for participating in a branded marketing campaign.

Why should I want it?
Invest in the value of the features and capabilities available in Phunware’s mobile loyalty ecosystem.

How do I get some?
Buy PhunToken (PHTK) here and start engaging.

What is the PHTK Contract Address?

Phunware’s Blockchain-enabled Ecosystem

Phunware (NASDAQ: PHUN) - MaaS Plus Blockchain

Designing for Mainstream Adoption

Phunware and PhunCoin - An Interview with Randall Crowder


Consumers may receive PhunToken for actively participating in engaging marketing campaigns.

Developers and Publishers

Developers and publishers may receive PhunToken for utilizing Phunware’s Loyalty SDK to better engage, manage and monetize their consumers.


Brands will gain access to more relevant, verifiable data by accessing Phunware’s Data Exchange and using PhunToken for their own loyalty programs.


Find and target the right consumer

While acquiring new consumers is critical to any business, retaining existing ones should never be overlooked. Engaging existing consumers and driving loyalty have a considerable impact on the lifetime value of a consumer as well as a brand’s overall profitability. In fact, research by Invesp found that:
  • Acquiring a new consumer is five times more expensive than retaining an existing one.
  • The success rate of selling to an existing consumer is 60–70%, as compared to only 5–20% for a new one.
  • Increasing consumer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25–95%.
Any enterprise can deploy a mobile loyalty ecosystem by simply installing Phunware’s Loyalty SDK. This allows brands to leverage blockchain technology to reward consumers for profitable behaviors within their existing mobile applications rather than requiring enterprises and consumers to change behavior by deploying new applications or browsers.

The future of blockchain-enabled location based marketing

Brands will not only receive direct, real-time access to invaluable data about their target consumers but also be able to white label PhunToken in order to engage consumers with the right content at the right time in the right place. Proximity marketing and location-based services delight consumers and drive profitable behavior (e.g. spending time in a casino.)

Proximity marketing is not a new concept, but its growing at a 29.8% CAGR and will reach $52.5 billion by 2022 according to MarketsandMarkets. In fact, 75% of US retailers have already integrated beacon technology into their marketing strategies and seen a 9% increase in profits with a 175% ROI. As a leader in wayfinding, indoor positioning and location-based services integrations and location-based services, Phunware’s proven suite of SDKs can seamlessly engage customers wherever they are.

Integrate the PhunToken Loyalty SDK to reward mobile users for in-app behavior

Phunware provides products, solutions, data and services for brands worldwide to have engaging and meaningful connections with their consumers on mobile.

By leveraging Phunware’s fully integrated enterprise cloud platform for mobile, PhunToken is uniquely positioned for mainstream adoption.

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*This communication does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to purchase PhunToken, PhunCoin or any other securities. Any offer to purchase PhunCoin will only be made pursuant to private placement documentation pursuant to a Regulation D, Rule 506c offering made by PhunCoin, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Phunware, Inc., only to accredited investors who have successfully completed a third-party KYC/AML process. PhunToken will only be sold to select purchasers outside of the United States, Canada and certain blacklisted countries who have also successfully completed a third-party KYC/AML process..

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